Repair Shop

Saturday, July 7th, 4-8pm
536 Beach 72nd, Far Rockaway, NY 11692



“Ten years ago, when I had just moved to New York, someone sold me a broken blender on Craigslist. The price was right (half-off list) and they failed to mention that it was broken. When I got it home and turned it on, it made a screaming sound, kind of like a jet plane. Clearly something was wrong. Having learned a hard lesson about trust, strangers, and life in New York, I decided I had nothing to lose. I opened it up, and found a fan turbine that had detached from the motor shaft. I put it back how it was supposed to go and reassembled the blender. It worked perfectly. It was a repair that most people who own a screwdriver could have completed, probably including the sucker who sold me the blender. But who would even bother to try? Ever since then, I have always assumed that I can fix anything that’s broken, and I almost always can.”

This Saturday at Life Lessons Garage, Chris Beeston opens the door to Repair Shop, where you’re invited to bring him electronics in disrepair—a fan with blades that stopped spinning, a broken blender, a pair of headphones with only one ear working, or anything else you have that could use some work. In the tradition of garage repairs and old appliance repair shops (a dying breed) Beeston will set up shop with one table under a single bare incandescent light dangling overhead. With only a box of tools and a desire to repair what’s broken, Beeston will attempt to fix your object. Perhaps he will be able to return it to it’s fully working, original state. Or, perhaps he will find a way to make it even better, transcending the object’s intended function. NO GUARANTEES ARE MADE.  Beeston’s own artwork will also be displayed in the space—transformed pieces that highlight and elevate functional, everyday objects and simultaneously embrace their beginnings and present states. Repairs are first come, first served, so pick up something broken and join us this weekend.

Chris Beeston was raised in rural North Carolina and moved to New York after receiving a BA in Studio Art at Davidson College. His studio is based in Ridgewood, Queens. His work has been exhibited at Patrick Parrish Gallery, Fisher Parrish Gallery, Colette, and The Hole. His work is represented by Patrick Parrish in New York.