Beach Read

Saturday, June 23rd, 6-9pm
536 Beach 72nd, Far Rockaway, NY 11692


Three writers want to tell you a story, to invite you to listen to a conversation. They want to show you something, too— family photographs, 1980s artwork, tiny toys, a sixty-year-old umbrella, knicknacks and odds and ends, a projector running images of a city dismembered. They want to share keepsakes, mementos saturated and private.

Dale Megan Healey, Erin J. Mullikin, and Oscar Cuevas are all writers whose work is deeply rooted in the visual, concerning art and vignettes of imagery. Their work is confessional, from fiction and personal essay, to poetry and graphic memoir, and the borderlands between. Their writing explores grief, trauma, and place, and leverages a certain analytical lens against their experiences. They don't ask why, in that reductive search for meaning, but instead how—how to continue, how to find beauty moving forward, how to make sense of the present moment in the face of a haunted past.

Their work and the ensuing search all happen in a specific type of space, which references the “home” while often subverting it—a grandparent’s house, the house of an abusive childhood, a museum visited alone to sit and obsess over a fragmented sculpture, a guest room at a beach house, a garage. They’re all personal, home-adjacent places that are not quite home, but not completely outside of it either.

You’re invited to a garage transformed into the echo of the domestic—each writer bringing pieces of themselves to be installed throughout. Come sit on an old quilt on the garage floor and listen to a conversation, take in the readings by candlelight, escape to the beach.