Life Lessons Garage

Summer 2018


Life Lessons went to The Rockaways for the summer of 2018. We got a garage for our summer projects, and we wanted everyone to be part of them. Every weekend from May 26th-August 12th, we got to work with artists who brought us their garage visions, including projects with Clayton Skidmore, Sophie Parker, Lauren Faigeles, Caitlin MacBride, Trevor Davis, Amalia Mourad, Chris Beeston, Erin J. Mullikin, Avner Chaim, and Dale Megan Healey.

We chose the garage because it's a generative space, a suburban hideout where we can be our most private selves, where success and failure don’t factor. It’s the place between home and the world outside. The garage is a space built for cars, but it’s also the birthplace of passion projects, a haven for community and discussion free from the constraints of anxious discourse. The creative energy in a garage is unlike any other—it’s messy, free of pretense, low-stakes. Nobody ever has to see what you’ve been tinkering with in the garage unless you invite them to. This summer, the invitation was just an open garage door and a few chairs circled over oil-stained concrete.