Life Lessons Garage

Summer 2018


Life Lessons is going to The Rockaways for the summer. We’ve got a garage for our summer projects, and we want you to be part of them. The garage is a generative space, a suburban hideout where we can be our most private selves, where success and failure don’t factor. It’s the place between home and the world outside.
The garage is a space built for cars, but it’s also the birthplace of passion projects, a haven for community and discussion free from the constraints of anxious discourse. The creative energy in a garage is unlike any other—it’s messy, free of pretense, low-stakes. Nobody ever has to see what you’ve been tinkering with in the garage unless you invite them to. In summer, the invitation is often just an open garage door and a few chairs circled over oil-stained concrete.
Join us every weekend this summer. From May 26th-August 5th, we’re working with artists who will bring you their garage visions, including projects with Clayton Skidmore, Sophie Parker, Lauren Faigeles, Trevor Davis, Chris Beeston, and other Rockaway happenings.